(not) Workin’ 9-5

What I wouldn’t give to be secretary pals and schemers with Doralee right about now!

Alas, I am putting my efforts into e-networking, job hunting, résumé writing and trying to stay positive. My courtship for a perfect job is challenging but I’m up for that challenge. These are some thoughts and discussion points about this whole process:

  • Get Involved! Cliché, I know, but it’s true! As we speak I am applying for jobs left and right but I am also excited that I will be volunteering at the UHA Annual Conference later this month. Hopefully I will get some networking time in while helping participants register. I am also looking into internships that are flexible so I can hopefully gain experience in the field I want to pursue in the interim.
  • LinkedIn? Are you LinkedIn? I’m still on the fence about whether or not updating my LinkedIn profile has done any good (obviously not, if I’m still “looking” for a job). Also, I am not sure how prospective employers might access your complete LinkedIn profile unless you are in the same network (I’m sure I could answer my own question by re-reading the user settings/options). Nonetheless, I must say, reading my 11 recommendations daily is a good confidence boost and something I recommend to any LinkedIn user.
  • To email or to mail…THAT is the question. I have absolutely no faith in the USPS and yet, I feel that mailing an application is standard, it is what we should all be doing. Am I right on this?? Then again shouldn’t we, the job-seekers care enough about our planet to email applications? In an effort to go paperless and follow the green footprints of our phone providers, credit card companies and bank agencies, does the applicant appear less interested or qualified by sending such documents electronically?
  • Dust Off Those Textbooks! I have recently considered taking classes….knowledge is power (even though you can’t eat knowledge and sleep in knowledge) and there are lots of night courses and short-term certificates to consider in all fields.
  • Job Hunters for Non-Profit Peeps? Do job hunters exist in the non-profit sector? Regardless I should open my own firm as I’ve successfully forwarded a number of appropriate position descriptions to former colleagues in an effort to work collaboratively to find jobs. This is a great company I recently came across and I am considering getting my act together and taking advantage of their services.

Here are some resources I check-out daily:


American Association of Museums

Museum Professionals

Global Museum


One thought on “(not) Workin’ 9-5

  1. Yeah, I’m on LinkedIn but I don’t know if I’m putting it to best use. I guess not since I’m still looking for a job too!

    As for email v mail- I didn’t even consider that! I know that most places I apply actually ask for email submissions- it is easier for everyone and so much faster. I get around formatting issues by saving everything as a pdf so they get to see my inspired font choices.

    Look at you, using the interwebs! I have a site name saved for the museum search- museyum.blogspot.com- but there is nothing there. I think you’ve inspired me to change that!

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