Penny For Your Thoughts: Do You Dare Lincolnize Yourself?

Abraham Lincoln would be 200 years old this year…what better way to celebrate than uploading a personal photo and superimposing one of his trademark looks onto your face! Do you dare “Lincolnize” yourself?

That’s exactly what the Chicago History Museum wants you to do! The museum’s website has an online  photo contest to “Lincolnize” yourself which corresponds to a series of exhibits and programs to celebrate Lincoln’s Bicentennial.


(that’s me being all Abe Lincoln “The President”)

Props to the museum for:

  • Including interactive web-activities that extend and enhance the museum visit experience. This photo contest also serves as a great entry-point for virtual visitors to learn about the museum and explore!
  • Coming up with a great incentive: a family membership grand-prize! With a less than fab economy, such a prize enables at least 1 family to benefit from the museum’s services. It also creates positive buzz and  gets families involved!
  • Getting all 2.0 and showcasing our beloved Lincoln-wannabes on Flickr.
  • Combining creative self-expression (yes, you can have a pink beard) with a user-friendly application (click and upload, simple as that) and learning  for a pretty neat experience!

Kudos to the Chicago History Museum, Abe would be proud!


One thought on “Penny For Your Thoughts: Do You Dare Lincolnize Yourself?

  1. Great blog! I especially like your use of lists (bullets, semi and full colons). Makes reading clean, clear, concise, …not to mention cool!

    They say you should learn something new everyday, …well just from reading your blog TODAY I’ve learned:
    1. the moma becomes even cooler on monday’s
    2. anyone can be abe-ified (looks like babe-ified)

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