NY Hall of Science Scores A Homerun!

Playing baseball in a science center? Talk about covering all your bases!

That’s just one of the many interactive activities part of The Sports Challenge, an exhibit area at the New York Hall of Science, Corona NY. In “Flaming Fastballs- The Pitching Challenge,” visitors take the mound and test the speed of their pitch before proceeding to throw different balls (tennis, softball) to compare, contrast and consider the differences between each. Other “challenges” in this exhibit area include racing, climbing, leaping and balancing.

The participation and interaction doesn’t stop there. Christopher Baillargeon, our five-year-old, field reporter talked to me about his experience when chosen as a volunteer for a demonstration. In referring to himself he explained, “You volunteered to wear shoulder pads and get hit with a hammer to show if you got hurt or not….it didn’t even hurt.” He went on to say that he felt cool and his dad concurred that the experiment was completely safe.

Christopher also talked about the “shadow room,” likely part of the Colored Shadows exhibit area where visitors can create their own shadows in different colors. Our field reporter explained, “You walk in this dark room with lights all around and you run around…it was very big and sometimes you can make shadow hands.” In short, when asked if he would visit again, with a big smile Christopher exclaimed “Yes!”

What I find particularly interesting is the variety of interactive exhibits at the NY Hall of Science that appeal to children and adults, proving they have something for everyone! Song Kun Baillargeon, Christopher’s dad shared that he was really interested in an exhibit that enabled visitors to move a 400 lb. block of cement (suspended in the air) using small magnets (he knows because he tried it)! Especially in an era when museums compete with a variety of alternative entertainment activities, the NY Hall of Science remains loyal to making science accessible, memorable and fun.

For information on hours, exhibits and special programming check out the New York Hall of Science website!

Special thanks to Christopher for all his help! Expect to read more about this talented field reporter’s adventures in the future postings.


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