Art Inspired: Music to My Ears

So I’m not sure how many of you have read about the Tate Modern, UK and its Tate Tracks. Back in 2006, the museum called upon musicians to  choose artwork that would inspire them to compose tracks which visitors (virtual and physical) could enjoy. More recently the museum took this idea a step further and held a music competition, asking participants (ages 16-24) select a piece of artwork from the museum’s collection and write a track response to it.

I really dig the idea of bringing music into museums, thus stimulating an artistic form of reaction to artwork on display and at the same time providing an additional, alternative experience  for visitors to  enjoy, appreciate and react to.

I am currently doing a bit of googling research to see if/what other museums might be jazzing things up a bit in a similar fashion. Do share your experiences if you’ve visited the Tate Modern or any other museum that provides similar experiences and be sure to rock on!


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