Shop AND Support Museums ALL at the Same Time!

Here’s your opportunity to buy something on Ebay or Amazon and NOT feel bad about it! Those are just a couple of the companies partnering with Shop for Museums, an online fundraising source for museums. Basically “through convenience and exclusive discounts [participants have the opportunity] to generate [FREE] donations for their museums of choice.”

When I first heard about this it reminded me a bit of  UPromise, the website that enables members to build rewards and save money for college by spending money with partnering companies.

What is great about Shop for Museums is that this process turns basic, necessary spending as well as frivolous impulse shopping into an opportunity for participants to help support the museums, zoos, parks and aquariums of their choice! Thus the online shopper is transformed into a donor of sorts (although don’t hold your breath for a museum wing or theater to be named in your honor). The website also offers other means for supporting museums including a link to the American Association of Museum’s Speak up for Museums so definitely check it out and give back today!


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