Design Competition for NMAAHC Heats Up!

I received via email a link to the Smithsonian’s Blog, highlighting the current buzz about the design competition involving a handful of world renown architects for the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). A poll on the blog asks viewers to choose which design should win the bid. I’m not sure how great of an impact the poll will have on deciding the winning design; the final decision will be announced on Tuesday, April 14 (um…. yep that’s tomorrow). Regardless, it’s really neat that the museum seeks the participation and involvement among their public and those interested in this process. With a tentative opening date slated for November 18, 2015 (a few years after the 2012 groundbreaking) it’s never too early to get started! It’s also never too late to get involved, check out the designs and vote today!

On a personal note, having worked at Amaze Design Inc., the Boston-based exhibit deisgn firm part of the fantastic team responsible for the Interpretive Master Plan for the NMAAHC, I am very happy to see this project progress and I definitely plan to stay updated on the latest news.


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