Survival of the Fittest? More Like a Dose of Healthy Competition!

I recently received an email from a Bostonian friend, urging me to “vote” for my favorite (Boston) historic site. With me and my New York state of mind, I was a bit confused and so I visited the program’s website to understand exactly what’s going on in Beantown….. and what I found is pretty cool!

American Express partnered with the National Trust for Historic Preservation a few years ago and launched the Partners in Preservation, a program committed to contributing over $5 million dollars over a five-year period. With a focus on preserving historic places throughout the United States, the program has already funded historic places in San Francisco, Chicago, and New Orleans with it’s latest program recently launched in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts area.

A few really cool things to point out:

  • I mentioned voting before…. basically the public will help decide what historic site should receive the allotted funds by voting online. This is a really great way to get all  (who have access to the internet) involved in contributing to this “community-oriented” initiative. With Boston being such a large tourist magnet, it’s great to see that individuals not living in the area can also participate (or in my case, those of us who used to live in the Greater Boston area).
  • While the winner of the public vote is guaranteed funds, additional sites will be selected by a committee to receive funds too!
  • The website includes an easy way to get some basic information, click by click, about each site which can be a useful tool beyond the actual competition and also provides information on how you can help spread the word.

It’s interesting to see where some of the museums part of the competition are currently ranked compared to other neighborhood sites. To check out the current top 10 sites and vote for your own, click here. Voting will conclude on May 17th so get a move on!


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