Call For Feedback: Grad School Programs on Display

If you:

  • Completed a non-museum related grad program and work in a museum field.
  • Completed a museum-related grad program and don’t work in the museum field.
  • Completed a museum-related grad program and work in the museum field.

….. I want to hear from you!

This year at AAM, I came to learn about so many museum-related graduate programs based in the U.S. and beyond – I’m now fascinated with this. Having recently completed my MA in Museum Education from Tufts University, I am really interested in sharing my experiences and also hearing from graduates of other programs- for a new blog post that I hope will help prospective students navigate these waters.

In an effort to be all-inclusive (aware of the buzz about museum-related grad programs) I do not want to limit this to museum-specific programs (although the more the better) as I’m sure we all have different paths which have led us to museum-related careers. I’m interested in your program and if/how it’s helped you. The more variety – the better!

Alternatively, I am also interested in those of you who may have graduated from a museum-related program and you are not working in a museum-related field. For those of you who were part of a museum studies related program, how has your museum-related degree shaped your career in the non-museum world what has your career path been like?

For those who have the time and would like to contribute please respond to the following and email me: (while you do not have to answer all questions of course, the more information you can/are willing to provide, the better):

1. Name of School:
2. Name of Department/ Program:
3. Year(s) attended:
4. Degree:

5. Any classes/projects that stand out
6. Elaborate on your overall experience (were you moving to a new area, how did you find the graduate studies department, did you end up staying in the area where you went to school, etc. whatever comes to mind- this is informal so have fun with it!):
7. How has this program prepared/helped you to where you are/what you are doing today- are there any connections:

8. Would you recommend this program to someone else:
9. If you had to do it all over again, would you? Would you change anything (coursework, concentration, where you went to school, etc.):
10. May I include your name in my post (if yes please provide your name and any title you would like me to include):
11. May I directly quote you (yes/no):
12. Please list/note anything you prefer me not to include in my post:

Depending on feedback, I will follow up with you if there are any changes or information about this post. Please understand that this request is for educational purposes only and I do not intend to use/sell any of the information provided except for intended purposes.

Thanks so much in advance for your help!


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