One Year and Going…Strong

That’s right folks, From the Desk of Valerie Albanese is approaching it’s one-year anniversary! Hold off on toasting just yet. To be fair, I should deduct a few months (at least) from this total based on the lack of writing from June-August and October-February (the latter is pretty pathetic on my part).

Perhaps you thought I was gearing up for winter hibernation a bit early or worse yet, I was swallowed-up by a three-eyed monster. Alas, my musings have dwindled due to a demanding job, bit of traveling, some side projects, and limited time. My only saving grace has been my fairly active twitter page and  tumblr page (thanks to the creative geniuses behind re-tweeting/posting).

As an anniversary present to my loyal readers (as many or as few of you as there may be) I offer you a 2010 full of timely updates, musings, new information, and inspiration! Not to be re-gifted, but definitely to be shared!