From New York? Love Museums? Check THIS Out!

An original wordle design based on my RSS feed.

An original wordle design based on my RSS feed.

The Museum Association of New York is calling for New Yorkers to share what inspires them about museums (reason 230,428,340 why it’s great to be a New Yorker)!

What’s really neat about this opportunity is that participants have a variety options of how to share this information. From  wordle (a “toy for generating word clouds” from provided text, and yes I am officially obsessed with this) and YouTube to photos and haikus, there are plenty of ways to share what you think museums do best and how museums inspire you.

Besides being wonderfully creative, participating in this opportunity may find you a bit richer than you were before… by submitting your material by July 31st you will be eligible to win an Amazon gift card.

To keep up with the latest on submissions, check out MANY’s blog.

* An interesting note and perhaps something to keep in mind, I came across this opportunity from a museum list serv and upon visiting MANY’s blog, noticed the first two submissions are from fellow professionals. Hopefully, this opportunity will reach beyond our beloved museum walls, because it really is cool!*


Doodling: Sparking Creativity & Cool Collaborations

While most of us use the Google search engine website to Google (searching for relevant resources and websites); Google is now doing the searching. In an effort to “encourage the next generation of designers and artists” Google partnered with the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum to launch Doodle 4 Google, a competition inviting children and teens to design a Google logo with the theme “What I Wish for the World.”

"Friendship Around the World" by Miriam Elizabeth Lowery of Covington, TN (age: 5). Her statement: "My wish for the world is that everyone would get along and treat one another in a nice and loving way. We could all be friends!"

"Friendship Around the World" by Miriam Elizabeth Lowery of Covington, TN (age: 5). Her statement: "My wish for the world is that everyone would get along and treat one another in a nice and loving way. We could all be friends!"

The homepage states, “Both our country and the world are undergoing significant change. At Google we believe in thinking big, and dreaming big, and we can’t think of anything more important than encouraging students to do the same.” What I think is encouraging is this great partnership between the Cooper-Hewitt and Google, a creative collaboration that I’m sure pleases the likes of educators and marketing museum folks, among others.

Although the submission dates for this year’s competition passed, you do have the opportunity to select the National Finalists by voting for your favorite logo, now thru May 21st. Wishes range from quirky and heartfelt to imaginative and inspiring; all are definitely worth checking out!

Art Inspired: Music to My Ears

So I’m not sure how many of you have read about the Tate Modern, UK and its Tate Tracks. Back in 2006, the museum called upon musicians to  choose artwork that would inspire them to compose tracks which visitors (virtual and physical) could enjoy. More recently the museum took this idea a step further and held a music competition, asking participants (ages 16-24) select a piece of artwork from the museum’s collection and write a track response to it.

I really dig the idea of bringing music into museums, thus stimulating an artistic form of reaction to artwork on display and at the same time providing an additional, alternative experience  for visitors to  enjoy, appreciate and react to.

I am currently doing a bit of googling research to see if/what other museums might be jazzing things up a bit in a similar fashion. Do share your experiences if you’ve visited the Tate Modern or any other museum that provides similar experiences and be sure to rock on!

Tales to America, A Call to Share Your Story

Ellis Island Immigration Museum makes dishing family stories cool! The Museum is interested in gathering and sharing stories of immigration . Stories are available on the Museum’s website and will eventually be added to their People of America® Center.

Whether this immigration story is that of your ancestors arriving through Ellis Island years ago or  your own recent tale of coming to America, the museum wants to know! With an added treat of a certificate to commemorate your contribution to the museum, why not become part of history and tell your story?

Get the conversation started, have fun and share!

If You Design It, They Will Come

Speaking of the New York Hall of Science…..kick your creativity into high gear, the science center is “seeking a new logo.” The Request For Brilliance includes all details (but you have to sign up first and become part of the Genius Rocket community).

Submissions are due by March 12th, a piece of cake right?

Genius Rocket “connects experienced creative talent with companies seeking new marketing and advertising content.” (taken from BIG PLUG, you’re welcome GR) They have lots of other postings for different companies so good luck!

Penny For Your Thoughts: Do You Dare Lincolnize Yourself?

Abraham Lincoln would be 200 years old this year…what better way to celebrate than uploading a personal photo and superimposing one of his trademark looks onto your face! Do you dare “Lincolnize” yourself?

That’s exactly what the Chicago History Museum wants you to do! The museum’s website has an online  photo contest to “Lincolnize” yourself which corresponds to a series of exhibits and programs to celebrate Lincoln’s Bicentennial.


(that’s me being all Abe Lincoln “The President”)

Props to the museum for:

  • Including interactive web-activities that extend and enhance the museum visit experience. This photo contest also serves as a great entry-point for virtual visitors to learn about the museum and explore!
  • Coming up with a great incentive: a family membership grand-prize! With a less than fab economy, such a prize enables at least 1 family to benefit from the museum’s services. It also creates positive buzz and  gets families involved!
  • Getting all 2.0 and showcasing our beloved Lincoln-wannabes on Flickr.
  • Combining creative self-expression (yes, you can have a pink beard) with a user-friendly application (click and upload, simple as that) and learning  for a pretty neat experience!

Kudos to the Chicago History Museum, Abe would be proud!